SEO, Online Ads, and Link Building – Preparation for Travel and Tourism Restart

SEO, Online Ads, and Link Building – Preparation for Travel and Tourism Restart

The warm season is just around the corner and the desire for vacation and relaxation is increasing despite Corona Virus. Even if the current situation is characterized by ongoing restrictions for hotels and travel providers, the ongoing vaccinations give hope for improvement. This can also be seen in the digital world as users are once again increasingly looking online for holiday themes. But what exactly does this mean for the travel industry?

The travel industry is reawakening and thus the travel industry should well be prepared for this reawakening. What measures in the area of SEO, online ads, and link building should be considered?

Upward Trend for the Travel Industry

Google is still one of the first places to go when it comes to research. This is no different when looking for the next holiday destination. The latest developments show that the demand for topics such as travel, holidays and hotels is increasing again. In the graphs below, you can see this upward trend in search results.

What does this mean for businesses in the travel and tourism sector?

Even if an opening for the tourism industry is not imminent, it is particularly important now to become active in the field of digitization and to react to the upward trend in search queries. Anyone who invests in suitable online marketing measures at the right time can draw attention to themselves early enough. The right strategy offers you the opportunity to be present for interested parties who are already finding out about future holiday opportunities today, as well as to increase direct bookings as soon as they are possible again. We will now show you which specific steps are necessary to ensure that you are optimally positioned online for the restart of tourism.

Step 1: Use SEO for Hotels & Travel Providers

In order to take advantage of the increasing demand, you need to optimize your website in order to be placed at the top of Google’s search results. This means that SEO for hotels & travel providers is becoming increasingly relevant again. Search engine optimization includes various measures that ensure that your website is found by your target group for the search queries relevant to you. These range from the technical optimization of the website and the creation of a keyword set to a suitable content strategy, which, for example, includes the revision of the metadata. All these aspects contribute to your website and are relevant in getting a good position in the search results. A long-term SEO strategy is therefore the right way to be prepared for the tourism restart.

Addendum: Local SEO

In addition, local searchability should be considered. Local SEO plays a crucial role, especially for hotel owners. With the help of the appropriate optimization and link-building measures, you can help your website to be easier to find for potential customers in the immediate vicinity. If you want to provide your prospects with an appealing, local search result, you should consider the following points:

  • Creates a Google My Business entry that shows your location directly in Google Maps and refers to your current hygiene measures.
  • Upload recent, high-quality images.
  • Responds to all reviews, whether positive or negative and seeks solutions to issues raised.

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Step 2: Prepare paid campaigns

Not only a good positioning in the organic search results is important if you want to reach your target group, but also the placement in the paid search results plays a crucial role.

Online ads offer you the opportunity to directly address the users who are relevant to you and to persuade them to make a direct booking. That’s why you should plan suitable advertisement measures now so that you can react immediately as soon as you can accept bookings again. Then make sure that your ad texts and display ads emphasize that you will be receiving guests again.

In addition, Google now offers users a separate area for the hotel search, in which you can use hotel ads to draw attention to your offer and your availability. DON’T MISS THE TOURISM RESTART. Take action now and act early to respond to rising demand.