With countless of car rental agencies that can be picked from, narrowing down your choice can be overwhelming and daunting as well. Rental car companies are offering wide fleet of vehicles, prices and services too.

For instance, there are companies that are specializing in low cost and reliable vehicles and have fleets that range from economical and small vehicles. These options are undoubtedly perfect among those who just need something for city commute and so on. But for those who are traveling with friends or with family, there are also SUV, station wagon and such vehicle types to accommodate the needs.

Following are few things that shall be taken into consideration when in the process of selecting a car rental company.

Compare Rates

The differences in the daily rates are going to vary as per the length of the lease whether day, week, month etc.

Newer Cars are Expensive

Companies that do offer brand new vehicles normally ask for a premium for it.

Depending on your requirements, it will sometimes affect your decision making process.

Size Matters

You better check if the car you’re renting can accommodate everything. You might want to pass on it if it can’t fit your luggage for sure.