A lot of people prefer bringing comfortable clothes when they are flying. On the other hand, it is not a common practice to see women wearing high heels as well as men in their stiff business attire trying to board the plane.

In relation to long-haul trips, these choices are going to be crucial especially when you start to take into consideration of the following:

Falling Asleep

As much as possible, it is best if you are going to wear clothes that forgive you as you slouch in your seat without having to cling on other seats. What you want are clothes that bring you the most comfort.

Take off Your Shoes

If you could, try to buy or wear a pair of shoes or slippers that can be slipped on and off when you need to.

It is best if the footwear allows you to do it without reaching under the seats in front of you.

Walk it Off

The best shoes that you can buy are those that are not just comfortable to wear but also, something that lets you to balance yourself easily, especially in the event that the plane hit some turbulence.

Remember these points when going on for a long flight so you don’t feel irritated or uncomfortable throughout the trip.