The thought of traveling alone may be overwhelming without adding your beloved pets. On the other hand, things are totally different when you try to bring your cat or pet on your trip. It takes more than just a travel blanket or neck pillow to ensure that your furry friend has a comfortable journey.

Generally speaking, pets are not exempted to follow established routines and any departure could be scary, both for the animals and their owners.

But it does not mean that bringing your pet on alongside your trip should be a nightmare.

Before hitting the road, better read up some of these tips on how you can have an awesome pet-friendly journey.

Bring in Familiar Items

Believe it or not, pets may freak out with the sudden change in their environment. However, you could minimize this disruption by just maintaining a level of familiarity. Having said that, consider bringing your pet’s common bedding, toys and other things such as litter box.

Use a Carrier

It is highly recommended that both cats and dogs are in their carriers, especially when inside a moving vehicle. In particular, cats are not fond of travelling but carriers help in minimizing the possible stress they may experience.