Whether you like it or not, airplane tickets are a rip off. Not just the fact that seat reservation is pretty expensive, but airlines would also try tacking on extra fares for anything from the simplest things such as water, exit row seats to essentials like your carry-on bags.

It doesn’t matter if you are flying on a budget airline or opting for basic fare, you will wind up spending more than what you initially budgeted. Fortunately, there are countless of hacks that will help you save money on airline tickets and find cheap flights.


When to Book?

As a matter of fact, weekends such as Friday to Sunday are the most expensive days of the week to book an airline ticket. While you may have more time browsing and scanning for fares, so does other people. Because of this, ticket prices typically increases exorbitantly.

Rather than booking on a weekend, wait until Monday to Wednesday where there are less traffic in airline website for booking.

Use Services to Compare Rates

One of the best ways of finding cheap airline flight is by comparing prices. Whether you are using Google Flights, or any other similar service, see to it that you can see all possible airline as well as their ticket prices for days you wish to travel.