If you’re not used to long flights, then everything about this may feel intimidating from the choice of seats, interminable hours aloft, the airline you will be flying with and everything in between. Not to mention, on how you can beat the boredom of flying for 12 or 16 hours or even more. Of course, let us not forget about the cost of flying; it definitely is going to be expensive.

Beating the Airline Ticket Prices

The moment you get into the region of pricing for long flights, the figures will start to become a bit crazy. It is rare to see ticket prices that are in 3-figure region.

On the other hand, when considering long flights by the hour, the higher cost on comfortable planes with exceptional entertainment system as well as great foods might start to look an attractive option than cheap flights which typically have passengers cramped inside the cabin.

Check out for Gnarly Connections

There are instances in which you cannot get from your destination in a single flight. Thus, you need to have a connecting flight to it. On long haul trips where you’ll make your connection on a different country, transferring to a different flight might be stressful. So when in the booking process, check the connection that the airline finds reasonable.