When setting out for a backpacking or hiking trip, it is very important that you have thorough understanding of the limitations of how much you could carry which depends on the backpack type you’re using.

As for multiday packs, it is important to bear in mind of the integrity of the bag. It should be something that enables higher weight limit but won’t cause injury. In this case, you may bring roughly 20% of your total body weight. Filling the bag past the weight capacity could be damaging to your body and might lead the premature breakage of your backpack.

Material Consideration

The type of material that is used to make the hiking backpack will determine how well it could stand against rigorous use and elements. Most of the time, lightweight backpacks are manufactured using Dyneema Composite Fabric or DCF as well as nylon.

These said fabrics are light in weight and slightly waterproof. Generally speaking, DCF is more water resistant and lighter compared to nylon. On the other hand, the cost of this material may be also more expensive compared to nylon.

What is Your Pick?

So between these two materials, it will all fall to your personal preferences.