It does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on comfort or style when you pack light. However, it is something that would require you to rethink and reorganize your travel basics similar to shoes and suitcases. When packing for such trip, making small changes can quickly add up.

Do the math and it is fairly easy to see why this is important. In the event that your checked bag is too heavy or big, then you are going to incur baggage fees on majority of the airlines. If you carry on a suitcase, then you know that every pound matters since you will lift your bag more times than you can think of.

Tricks to make Suitcases Lighter

If you find it challenging to pack light, then it will be nice to think of the basics rather than on the specifics. When you prepare your packing list, it is best if you would kick it off by separating your items to key categories.


While in the process of deciding which clothes to pack, it is smart to get lighter fabrics. Heavyweight fleece and wool are guaranteed to keep you warm but also, it’ll make your baggage heavy and bulky. Instead, go with clothes that are made from synthetics similar to polyester and nylon as well as silk.