Being able to find a high-quality backpack that suits well on you means the difference between a miserable and awesome experience on your trip. As a matter of fact, a basic mistake that a lot of people make when searching for a pack is to quickly assume that it should be proportional to their height.

How it Fits in Your Body?

Well the truth is, the deciding factor here is how a backpack fits into the width of your hips and to the size of your torso.

Majority of the known brands in this sector comes with a size chart. This is provided to determine what fitting is best for you.

When you have a backpack that properly fits after adjusting the major straps, it must be comfortable and snug enough.

So long as the backpack fitted well, it must be able to ease stress on your back when it is filled with your supplies for the trip.

Why Padding is Important?

Backpack padding is extremely important for it is determining the comfort of the backpack’s weight when filled. Having too much padding cause this uncomfortable and awkward pressure against your body. Eventually, it may result to soreness or you, holding onto your body in some strange ways just to alleviate the pressure points.