Car rental is fairly when travelling. A lot of travelers even think that this is a straightforward process. Still, numerous travellers are uncertain of how they should proceed with car rental and thus, making mistakes here and there.

Among all the options that the car rental companies are offering, there are few things that you must “NOT” do when transacting with car rental companies.

To know what these things are, keep on reading.

Prepaid Gas

Prepaying for gasoline may look desirable for the convenience while travelling and also, to concerns regarding late flights as every minute added to the trip to airport is adding risks for arriving late to board.

Since airport security added a lot of time for this process, many rental companies come up with new option to refuel car and give clients a hard time to sell it at rental desk.

Not Checking the Route to Refuel

The ideal time of finding a place to refuel is right after you pick it up. While driving away from the rental agency or to the airport, make sure that you have taken note of local gas station and make plans of returning to best-priced or easily accessible gas station.