Choosing a car rental company is both easy and hard nowadays. It is easy to the point that you have plenty of options. It’s hard for the same reason as well since each agency offers a service that may be unique only to them.

So to help you out with your decision, here are few aspects of car rental hire you should take into account.

Full Tank

In most cases, car rental companies are going to give you the car with a full tank and is expected to return it in the same way you get it.

In such case that you fail to bring it back in full tank, then the company might charge you for the cost of fuel and administration fee as well.


Many car rental companies are offering extra fee, child seats, roof racks, booster seats and other accessories. There are rental companies as well that might be offering package deal that comes with discounted price.

Roadside Assistance

Some companies are offering 24-hours roadside assistance. Usually, this comes free of charge for call outs when in case of mechanical problems. In situations similar to flat tires or dead battery, a small fee might be applied.