13 Applications for Travelling

13 Applications for Travelling


One of the most exciting phases of vacation is expectations. Tickets and hotels have been booked, travel guides have been prepared, carefully researched long before departure, and smartphones are ready for a fresh supply of new apps

1. Kindle

No matter how expensive a printed book is, there is no doubt that the Kindle is far more convenient when traveling than carrying 10 heavy books. With the Kindle app, you don’t need a Kindle, just a smartphone. Of course, books can no longer be exchanged at hotels and hostels.


2. SAS Survival Guide

Do you know Morse code? Do you know how to light a fire? If you have this app, the answer is yes. It’s an absolute must for a trip that takes you to a remote location. Developed by British Army SAS Special Forces soldiers, this product gives you access to hundreds of survival tips to help you at home or on the road.

3. Trail Wallet

The travel expenses app is indispensable for business trips, but it is recommended that those who take vacations also know the travel expenses.

The Trail Wallet is very popular with travelers due to its clear and easy-to-use app. You can organize your budget by trip or month, set a daily limit, and be notified if you spend too much. What’s the best thing about this travel expense app? You can choose from local currencies or local currencies from 218 countries!

4. Find a penguin

Dear Diary … If you’re looking for a travel diary app, you should check out FindPenguins. Not only can you record and share your thoughts while driving, but you can also track routes and share the best tips and memories called “footprints”. What’s particularly great? This travel journal app works offline and can convert your trip into a printed photo album.

5. Lounge Buddy

Do you have a few hours of transit and need urgent rest, privacy, or a shower? How about an airport lounge? LoungeBuddy gives you instant access to 170 lounges around the world. Find and book a lounge at your connecting flight airport.


6. Google Translate

Even if Google Translate is really old (at least in terms of internet time), it provides features that look almost like science fiction: offline and real-time translations. Download the language you need and point your camera at the text you want to translate.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo teaches you how to read, write, understand and speak a foreign language using numerous mini-lessons and games. Choose from 27 languages, including Klingon. Learn new words every day, starting with simple verbs, phrases and sentences.

8. TripIt

Are you planning a trip to multiple hotels or flights, or just don’t have a booking number? Then TripIt is your new best friend. Simply forward the confirmation email or allow TripIt immediate access to your inbox and the app will create an itinerary that includes the map.

9. Vehicles

As a mere human being, 1,343,958 dongs cannot be easily exchanged for euros. It’s easy with the XE Currency App. Before you leave, please make sure to update the exchange rate for the most accurate information possible.


10. AroundMe

AroundMe recognizes where you are and lists the ranks of bank branches, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, department stores, theaters, and taxis in your area. It is a very practical travel guide app that is convenient when you like to go to the movies and is indispensable when you get sick while traveling.


11. Wifispc

It’s not exactly necessary, but WiFi is definitely a convenient way to do it during your vacation. Wifispc keeps you online all over the world with a growing list of WiFi networks and passwords and user updates.

12. Yager

Yuggler is a real benefit for parents traveling with their children. It shows you all the child-friendly activities near you. Find tips, view photos, and search using filters to find the one that’s right for your child’s age and taste.

13. Touch note

Touchnote combines old and new in a harmonious way. You can use Touchnote to create personalized postcards with your own photos. Simply open the app, select a photo, add text and an address, and your postcard will be sent anywhere in the world.