11 Travel-Requiring Jobs You Can Apply For

11 Travel-Requiring Jobs You Can Apply For

Working while traveling


In a recent survey, 70 percent of millennials identified travel collectively as their primary reason to figure, second only to paying for basic necessities. Who also identified themselves as digital nomads are fifteen percent of millennials.

One of the explanations people seek flexible jobs is to permit them longer and suppleness to travel – and a few of these folks actually want the flexibleness to mix their work and travel lives. In this case, these jobs are an excellent fit.

As allowed by effective recruitment research, the positions on this list are all flexible jobs that allow people to figure remotely, either from any location within the world or from interesting locations that individuals enjoy traveling to.

One thing most people don’t realize is that only a really small percentage of remote or telecommuting jobs allow people to figure from anywhere within the world. Most telecommuting jobs have some location requirement, like requiring people to be near an office, or to clients, or during a certain state or country for tax and employment law reasons. In contrast, the roles on this list allow people the flexibleness to figure from interesting locations around the world or from wherever they choose, making them excellent for travel lovers and anyone who wants to figure remotely while seeing the planet.

Translation and Bilingual Jobs

The demand is growing for professionals who can work as translators and use their bilingual skills to bridge communication gaps between cultures and businesses as businesses become more global. This function is very important for companies that operate internationally or that have operations in other countries where associates must live and work.

Here are some jobs within the translation and bilingual fields that provide the chance to work out the globe and work:

1. China Content Manager

Managing the localization process of company content, managing a team of curriculum experts and content creators, and analyzing data are the responsibilities that the China content manager will handle. This position is a full-time contract with permanent potential. Travel is included during this role!

Travel and Hospitality Jobs

Travel and tourism careers are valued within the corporate world because an excellent deal of business is conducted internationally now.

Here are just some travel and hospitality jobs that will be found at FlexJobs that are available in international locations – and a few offer the chance to travel:

2. Luxury Travel Agent

In this role, you’ll handle company villa leads and identify customer requirements so as to optimize services and products. Ensure goals for performance are met while building rapport and customer relationships. Trying to find a candidate with quite two years’ experience.

3. Vice President, Hotel Sales

A full-time vice-chairman, hotel sales, will develop and execute a robust sales strategy and identify and understand key customers. 15 years’ relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree are required. Some telecommuting.

4. Community Organizer

See the globe and add this position where you’ll be chargeable for organizing meetings and events, assisting hosts with building neighborhood groups, identifying supporters, and entering data. Must have a passion for home-sharing. Domestic and international travel required. Long-term contract position.


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Event Planning Jobs

Event planners assume various responsibilities betting on their clients’ needs, which could include organizing event details, buying supplies, putting in parties or events, coordinating vendors, and other activities on the event date.

The subsequent positions offer the advantage of travel:

5. Hub Program Manager, Travel, Meetings, and Events

This is a far-off role with travel required. the proper candidate will oversee the strategic success of key accounts across the world and manage scheduled account reviews, including financial statements and strategy progress. Five years’ experience in strategic management is required.

6. Operations Manager

An operations manager is required for a full-time remote opportunity. Occasional travel involved. Providing leadership to the team, maintaining operations of ownership, supporting business development, and improving processes is what the operations manager will do. Bachelor’s degree and skill required.

Writing Jobs

For readers, listeners, or viewers, writers develop content using several multimedia formats. Writers often perform this function during a digital space like on websites, community forums, and blogs.

Here are some exciting writing opportunities that provide the prospect to work out the globe while working:

7. Hotel Review Writer

A contract job developing content, writing reviews, and meeting deadlines are the tasks a Hotel review writer needed for. Two or more years’ experience in writing, hour flexibility, and an expert writing portfolio is required. Part-time schedule.

8. Information Developer, Technical Writer

Write documentation for a range of audiences; create images, videos, and blogs for products; test software; and gather feedback. Some travel. an understanding of complex technical concepts and a Bachelor’s degree is needed. Full-time, temporary job.

9. Interviewer – Ghostwriter

Will function as a member of a project team functioning on building a relationship with the author, meeting with the author to collect autobiographical content, and remodeling audio recordings into a manuscript. Short-term, part-time temporary with travel.

Nonprofit and Philanthropy Jobs

Providing low-cost or free services to the people in those communities, nonprofit professionals work for charitable service organizations in many communities. They also work for environmental and green organizations that promote more eco-responsible living and infrequently travel as a part of the role.

Here are just a few:

10. Field Technician

The field technician will work for an environmental action organization to scale back depredations of sheep and cattle by large carnivores. Familiarity with nonlethal predator deterrents preferred and livestock production. Full-time with extensive travel.

11. Regional Director of Major Giving

A full-time telecommute job requiring travel, a bachelor’s degree, quite five years’ relevant experience are the tasks a regional director of major giving needed for. all major donations program responsibilities, coordinating fundraising events and activities, and more, are what the position will oversee.