Improve, Supplement And Support Your Travel And Tourism Keywords – Use A Reliable Rank Tracker

Improve, Supplement And Support Your Travel And Tourism Keywords – Use A Reliable Rank Tracker

As it has become a habit for most people to look for information on the World Wide Web through search engines – Google being the largest and most utilized worldwide – the marketing and advertising practices of businesses and brands has stepped into the online space. That being so, Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, has become a crucial aspect for any business or brand with a website to have and maintain good visibility and online presence.

Good keyword research is instrumental to your web content, regardless of which industry you belong to. This is because the keywords you make use of will determine whether your content is relevant enough to rank highly on search engines and be visible on the top pages of search results pages of search engines. When it comes to keywords and SEO, a rank tracker, like AccuRanker, is what you need.

Keyword Rank Tracker – Know How Your Travel And Tourism Keywords Are Performing

To understand what a rank tracker is and how it works, it is important to know what keywords are. Keywords are the phrases or set of words that a person types into the search box of a search engine when looking for information on the Web. In the travel and tourism industry, depending on your niche, knowing which specific keywords to use will help you draw in more traffic towards your website.

Based on search volume, the number of times a keyword is searched for by users in a month, among the prevailing keywords that people are searching for today which are generally about travel and tourism includes:

  • hotels – 24,900,000
  • flights – 4,090,000
  • travelocity – 3,350,000
  • airline tickets – 550,000
  • vacation – 450,000
  • trip – 450,000
  • plane tickets – 368,000
  • travel insurance – 339,000
  • travel agency – 301,000
  • airlines – 301,000
  • cheap airline tickets – 246,000
  • vacation packages – 74,000
  • travel agents near me – 74,000
  • travel restrictions – 60,500
  • travel safe – 49,500

Keywords are very important since they serve as guides for search engines to scan the Web for contents to answer your search. However, it doesn’t end there since those contents are sifted further by the search engine so as to get only the most relevant content. The web pages with the content are then displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is what you want if you have products, services, or information to offer online.

So, what does a rank tracker have to do with keywords? A rank tracker is a software used to check and monitor how your website or webpages are performing on a search engine based on certain chosen keywords. The keywords metrics provided to you by the rank tracking tool can be used to:

  • determine which of your content gets web traffic and those that don’t;
  • know which keywords need to be improved or supported more to increase ranking;
  • keep track of your competitors and see if their keywords are beating yours, compelling you to make necessary improvements or changes in your content and keywords;
  • find out why your content doesn’t get traffic or why there is a significant drop in your rank standing;
  • identify which of your keywords and webpages are getting the conversions the highest so you can redistribute and restructure your efforts to discover new and better keywords that will get your more traffic, leads and sales.