Tips to Always Look Good When Travelling

Tips to Always Look Good When Travelling

I was getting around appearing like a swamp creature before I started chronicling every moment of my adventures. Just a big ol’ swamp monster, pulled straight out to the bayou and making his way around Europe looking oily and unkempt. But then my blog took off, and I begin looking for great images. This triggered a mini-revolution in my life, and I had to change and adapt, just like our predecessors. Here are three fast and easy techniques to help you improve your game with little effort aside from wearing your favorite nail cosmetic glitter!

1. Adjust your hairstyle to the weather.

This is the piece of advise I would give if I could only give one! You should get a sense of the weather conditions in the area you’re traveling and choose a hairstyle that suits them. Let me tell you, curling your hair and then walking out in Bangkok’s sweltering heat is not going to work.

When visiting humid nations like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, you should slick your hair back as soon as possible. Slick ponytails, braids, buns, and braid/bun/pony combos are my go-to hairstyles.

2. Wear make-up that lasts the entire day.

I barely have time to do my makeup once when I’m traveling, with a few touch-ups throughout the day. As a result, it’s critical that you select cosmetics that will wear well and last the entire day… From sunrise until sunset, you can hide in the shadows and no one will notice! I always, always apply a primer — it’s a must – and keep my makeup looking light and airy.

Makeup setting mists, which you sprinkle over your finished face, have their own merits.

3. Put in the effort and don’t worry about what others think.

I used to be so scared that people would think I was trying a bit too hard or was self-obsessed that I wouldn’t bother to care about how I looked. The problem is, I’d regret going as I’d look back at images from my trip and be too embarrassed to share them because I looked like a friggin yeti.