Best RV Heaters For Your Winter Camping

Best RV Heaters For Your Winter Camping

You might love travelling and your travel destination might be in colder regions. A certain cold quickly creeps into your camper that you are not used to. In the house you would now turn on the heating and the problem would be solved in a short time. Depending on the equipment, this could be a little more difficult in your mobile home or caravan.

As for almost all life situations, some clever minds have come up with a few ideas for the winter months to keep your motorhome cozy and warm. Check out reviews and find the right heater for your motorhome. They offer expert services and can recommend tools and products fitted for you.

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The mobile home conversion: Retrofitting heating in the caravan

Not every mobile home has a good mobile home heater. Especially the smaller camping extensions often come without a heat source due to lack of space. But even if your camper has a motorhome heater that does not mean that it will meet your requirements. The options for heating methods are diverse. Everything is possible, even a built-in wood stove is not as unrealistic as it might seem at first glance.

Retrofitting a heater in the mobile home: no problem

In general, it is not a problem to retrofit a motorhome heater in your camper. An existing motorhome heater can also be swapped out and replaced with a more efficient model or one better suited to your needs. There is also the possibility of doing this without a specialist workshop, because some of the heating sets on offer are already designed for self-installation.

Which RV heater is right for me?

When looking for the best RV heater, you look at two basic aspects. These are the type of heat transfer and the possible energy source:

The heat transfer

The type of heat transfer, i.e. how the heat should be transferred from the heater to the vehicle, is in most cases via air or water.

With an air heater, the air in the vehicle is heated using a burner or a heating element and distributed inside the vehicle using a fan. This type of heating is widespread in the camping area and can be implemented with various energy sources.

With water heating, the heat is transported via a water circuit. The heat is released into the ambient air either via underfloor heating or via heat exchangers.