Travel: Going Out & Camping

Travel: Going Out & Camping

There is a large selection of outdoor clothing such as jackets, pants, tops and shoes for women, men and children. Those who stay longer in nature can look around for suitable camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, while sports enthusiasts can browse here for suitable equipment for biking, hiking or diving.

Whether only for a few days on the weekend or on a longer trip: With good, breathable clothing for hiking, you won’t break a sweat, because only functional fabrics are used that conduct moisture through a membrane to the outside. In addition, the outdoor clothing is waterproof so that you can walk through an unplanned rain shower without any problems. Combined with a trekking backpack and a pair of robust and breathable hiking shoes or trail running shoes, you can conquer any terrain.

Travel clothing Outdoor clothes

The travel clothing is perfect for a short trip to the mountains, a city trip in Europe or a longer trip to a distant travel destination and is characterized by quality and functionality. With special bi-elastic fabrics, the clothes are comfortable to wear and have freedom of movement. The breathable fabrics are waterproof, but transport moisture from the inside to the outside through several special layers. There is even a choice of clothes with integrated insect protection. Of course, you will also find durable sneakers or leisure backpacks to match.

Cycling clothing for a bike ride

For long bike tours through nature or trips through the city, you will find all the important articles about cycling here. The elastic and tight-fitting tops are particularly popular, so that the airstream does not have any contact surface. Only odor-inhibiting, breathable and elastic materials are used for all articles. As a practical addition, there are also drinking bottles, hip bags or suitable backpacks for the next bike tour.

The right climbing equipment and clothing for mountaineering

There is quality clothing and equipment for all mountain sports activities such as snowshoeing, climbing, bouldering or mountaineering. Good equipment is extremely important, especially on high mountains. The functional clothing, shoes, touring backpacks close to the back, tents and other equipment ensure an unforgettable outdoor experience. There is also a lot of equipment such as carabiners, ropes and crampons for the high alpine area.

Who doesn’t like to go camping? With the right camping equipment, it’s even more fun

Camping is a popular hobby that, with the right camping equipment, becomes a unique experience. There is the perfect equipment for short weekend trips as well as long tours in the wilderness where you have to rely on your equipment. The backpacks are particularly robust, waterproof and comfortable to carry. In addition to tents for several people, there are also small tents for sleeping, which you can even take with you when climbing due to their small size. Useful things such as toiletry bags, thermos flasks or emergency bags are also popular.