3 Reasons Why Kayaking Should Be Part of Your Summer Travel Plan

3 Reasons Why Kayaking Should Be Part of Your Summer Travel Plan

Kayaking in the alps


Are you planning a summer holiday in the Alps? Do you love variety and like to try out new things? Would you like to invest your travel budget in the right adventure? Are you traveling alone and looking for activities with groups?

A kayak whitewater tour is just right for you. Never kayaked before? Don’t even know how to store a kayak? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a paddle pro. A kayaking course program is also suitable for beginners.

We have 3 reasons why you should plan kayak whitewater tours during your summer vacation.


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1.) Discover the Alpine landscape from a new perspective

Hiking is also different: Instead of hiking in the mountains, you “hike” along the rivers. There are quite a few of them around the Arlberg. You start your tour on an idyllic mountain lake. Each river offers you its own level of difficulty. Your kayak guide knows exactly which level you are best suited for. During your kayak tour, you’ll paddle past meadows and forests. You will discover a piece of untouched nature that is not overrun by hikers and tourists.

2.) Even as a beginner you will experience the right thrill

You will quickly learn the basics in the quiet mountain lake. Paddling backward, light edges, supports, and keeping your balance are no longer a challenge for you in no time. You will be surprised how quickly you get used to the kayak. Initially cramped, you then paddle comfortably with your guides towards faster waters. Here your learned techniques and your nerves will be put to the test for the first time

3.) Fun factor beginner groups: Who can manage the first rapids without tipping over?

The basics are in place and the most important techniques are carefully rehearsed. They are heading for real whitewater: Now it’s getting exciting. Can you make the first wave without the kayak tipping over? All course participants must rise to this challenge. You need not be afraid. Even if you don’t survive the first wave dry, your guides will be at your side. You can rely on one thing: you will definitely get wet. On hot summer days, kayaking is just a thing for fun and cooling.