Tips for Travelling Alone

Tips for Travelling Alone

Alone on vacation?

Thinking of traveling alone? Below you will find a number of useful tips and of course a few reasons to persuade you to go on holiday alone:

  • Traveling alone means adventure and lots of conversations with strangers. Count on it that you will make new contacts more easily than when you travel with someone, whether you are going to book an organized group trip or really go out alone.
  • You get used to it very quickly – where you might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, you will notice that being on the road alone is also very tasty.
  • Solo travel is a perfect way to gain new experiences.

Traveling alone? Here are few pointers.

1. Enjoy the prospect of your holiday and read about what there is to do at your holiday destination. You can book all kinds of extra activities at many of the locations where we organize our youth trips.
2. Use the forum to post a message and contact your travel companions.
3. if you do feel uncomfortable, find it exciting or have doubts, please contact us in advance or tell your tour guide. It is completely normal that you find it exciting, so we are happy to do anything we can do to ease the tension a bit for you!

Young adults travel alone

Many of the young people who travel with us and travel alone are “young adults”, people between the ages of 19 and 26 who, for whatever reason, have not found anyone to join them, or young adults who have their sights set on a particular travel destination , but not everyone wants this. If you are not much of a beach goer yourself, for example, or if your friends just choose a completely different kind of vacation. Many of our young adults who travel alone are students, but there are also plenty of people who already have a job. It depends a bit on the travel destination how the relationship is between them.

Youth group travel

Some provider of active youth group travel  know how difficult it can be to book a youth trip all on your own. That is precisely why we know very well how nice it is when you have finally taken the step. Of course it is exciting in the beginning, but that tension quickly disappears. In addition, with youth group tours you also have the advantage that you really do a large part of the travel program with the whole group, so that you get to know each other very well.

Choosing your travel destination

When you travel alone it is quite exciting. But do you choose your destination mainly by what you like to find. You will notice that your travel companions automatically have about the same taste and ideas.

However, if you are someone who likes to go out, you will find that you will meet enough people here who are going to click. What we often see ourselves is that people who book alone in one year choose to travel together with people they have met during our group trips the following year.

You don’t actually travel alone

Although you don’t know anyone in advance, you don’t actually travel alone but always with a group of peers. Everyone is out to make it a top holiday, the amount of friendships that arise during our active group trips are gigantic, so you will certainly enjoy yourself, you can also purchase some souvenir’s of an  ‘exterior paintingthat you see while  traveling, you can use this to beautify your home.