Caravan Exterior Painting Before Your Road Trip

Caravan Exterior Painting Before Your Road Trip

When you travel and use a caravan for long trips in the summer , maintenance is essential; a special care with exterior painting must be given to the body too. Having a clean and perfectly painted caravan gives you the opportunity to make a good impression on any campsite. Only a few materials and a few tools are needed to paint a caravan; this tutorial gives you some useful tips and correct information on how to do this.

How To Do Caravan Exterior Painting Before Your Travel

If the bodywork has dents, the first thing to do is to straighten it using a wooden hammer. Then finish the cracked part using an epoxy putty and wait for it to dry. After drying, use an abrasive cloth to smooth the part and eliminate the remaining color; in this way, the bodywork is completely bare.

The purpose of this operation is to eliminate the porosity on the metal or the rust, generated by the salt if you tend to stop in a camping area near the sea. Before proceeding with the painting phases of the body, you must wrap all the metal parts. Then with a brush, apply an anti-rust paint and let it dry for at least a day.

After this period of time, prepare the paint. The latter has barcodes that allows you to obtain the original factory color. After purchase, you can insert it directly into the container to be connected to the compressor.

Before applying the paint on the caravan body, if there are decorations, it also has to be covered with gummed paper to protect them. Now with the compressor,  begin painting from an optimal distance of about 20 cm.

Use horizontal and parallel movements, starting from the top up to the height of the wheels. After drying (about two hours), apply a second coat of finishing varnish. Then remove the gummed paper from the colored band and make any retouching with a brush.

The next day, using the polishing paste, smooth the caravan body to make it shine as it originally was.