The Nook E-Reader – Portable, Lightweight, Readable And Perfect For Travel

The Nook E-Reader – Portable, Lightweight, Readable And Perfect For Travel

When travelling long distances, whether by air, land or water transportation, this gives you the opportunity to read the books you’ve been meaning to read or finish. While this is a good opportunity, your books can take up valuable space as well as add to the weight of your backpack or carry-on. This becomes an inconvenience, particularly if you have to pack and travel light. Owning an e-reader can solve this.

The Nook E-Reader – Perfect for Travel

A dedicated e-reader is a device purposely designed for storing and reading e-books, the digital versions of books and other publications. Readability of text even under sunlight because of the e-ink technology, portability, lightweight, and long battery life are among the primary advantages of an e-reader. Because of these, e-readers provide convenience and ease-of-use, making them ideal for travel.

When it comes to your options, there are plenty of e-readers on the market and each has their own set of features as well as upsides and downsides. But, for you not to get overwhelmed, know that there are a number of e-reader brands that lead the market. In the US, the Kindle by Amazon dominates the e-reader market, but there are other good options as well. One of these is the Nook.

The Nook is series of android-powered ebook readers developed as well as marketed by Barnes & Noble, competing with the series of Kindle e-readers developed and also marketed by Amazon. Akin to other e-readers like the Kindle, the Nook features the e-ink, or electronic ink, technology. The technology provides a monochrome matte display delivering a clear, sharp text as well as lessened glare for long reading hours with less strain on the eyes.

The line of Nook devices would include features such as in-built Wi-Fi capabilities so as to be able to download ebooks, run applications as well as to browse the web, and like other reliable e-readers, could fulfill various functions in order for its users to have a more convenient and enjoyable ebook reading experience. Below are some:

  • Store hundreds to thousands of digital books in a systematic way, making it easier for users to locate a certain title they want to read. When traveling, you don’t need to bring along with you numerous books. With an e-reader, you can create your own library of digital books and bring it with you wherever you might go.
  • Customize texts by adjusting the font size or the font style to make the content easier for you to read. Moreover, e-readers also allow to write annotations or notes on the ebook itself, and with the built-in dictionary and thesaurus feature, defining terms becomes effortless.
  • Easily purchase and download ebooks by browsing the Barnes & Noble’s Nook store which holds thousands of books of different titles and genres.