3 Mobile Games to Play While Traveling

3 Mobile Games to Play While Traveling

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On modern mobile phones, you have all sorts of possibilities to bridge the waiting time at the airport on the journey to your holiday home and to choose from an unmanageable mass of app games of all kinds.

Mobile phone sense internet flat rates that are now standard and cheap, which is why the mobile game can also take place online with friends. Action, shooter, strategy, or puzzle games, the quality of mobile games is now very high and even on gambling platforms, you can already play for winnings if you deposit 5 euros in the casino.

With the high data rates that the mobile Internet now offers, increasingly complex content can also be used abroad on the go. The new 5G standard will take these possibilities to new and previously unimagined heights, as the possible amount of data can reach 100 times the previous standard.

But let’s take a look at some of the defining mobile games that were far simpler and didn’t require a high-speed data connection. Each of them is still available today and has lost none of its simple and addictive fun. If you don’t know the three games yet, you should definitely try the following titles:

Snake – Snake eats points

An absolutely formative game for mobile phones has undoubtedly been Snake. Because of its simplicity and economy, both in terms of gameplay as well as graphics and storage space, this game was ideal for early mobile phones that were not yet “smart” and had to do without an Internet connection.

The earliest version of the classic game can be dated to 1979. The game gained particular notoriety because it was pre-installed on a cult thandy, the Nokia 3310. Needless to say, this game is a particularly simple one.

With two buttons on the mobile phone, you could influence the movement of the first small snake to the right or left. The aim is to eat as many “apples” as possible, which are simply dots in the representation. The snake gets longer with each food intake and then it must be prevented from biting itself in the tail or hitting the edge of the playing field. So simple, so fun – a classic!

Doodle Jump – Endless Hopping

The funny game with huge addictive potential was launched by manufacturer Lima Skyin 2009. At that time, the control by motion sensor of the smartphone was still relatively new and thus also contributed to the fascination.

The bouncing main character in the game is the “Doodler”, who is a four-legged, green fantasy animal with a kind of trunk. The English “to doodle” can be translated as “doodle”. The original design of the game is therefore based on the doodles, such as those you leave on a notepad when talking on the phone and completely in your mind.

The gameplay is simple. It is hopped, and always upwards. A surface must always be headed for the next jump because if you miss it, the doodler crashes, the round is lost and you have to start all over again.

On the way up, all sorts of help can be collected for the jump. From springs on the feet to the jetpack, the range of objects ranges here, but unfortunately, they only last for a short time. In addition, monsters that stand in the way of the doodler make life difficult.


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Fruit Ninja – War on Fruits

Sometimes it’s just fun to destroy things. This phenomenon is perhaps best known from bubble wrap, where it is great fun to make the individual air chambers pop. The provider Halfbrick also takes advantage of this destructive rage in its 2010 mobile game Fruit Ninja, but channels it peacefully in the direction of apples, melons, bananas, and other fruits.

Again, the gameplay is extremely simple. Fruits fly up and the player has to cut them with finger movements on the touch screen. Of course, there are more and more in the course of the game and so you actually have to react with ninja-like reflexes on your smartphone.

The entertaining games in our listing receive a fun factor that works again and again due to their simplicity. Give it a try!