Travel nicer with your smartphone

Travel nicer with your smartphone

For families, smartphones offer numerous advantages as travel companions. The market for apps alone is huge.

A good travel smartphone has three main characteristics: a high-resolution camera with a flash; a scratch-resistant display and splash protection; international frequency reception. The smartphone can be used for leisure such as playing the best god sim sand box game.

It doesn’t hurt if you get advice on its suitability for travel before buying a new smartphone! Buy a smartphone where you can install many games intended for your travel.

Traveling with leisure games

For some, relaxation is the whole point of their vacation. Other people need at least a little rest now and then during the exhausting voyage of discovery – even if only in front of the children. This is another great advantage of the smartphone. It can replace a whole suitcase full of books and games.

Travel guides and “normal” books can be read and read out with an ebook reader. The display of a smartphone may be a bit small for easy browsing. But it is quite acceptable as a discreet reading option to pass the time in the waiting room. It can help you play your sandbox game while on the intercity bus or in the restaurant.

Sandbox games and e-books: Good entertainment while traveling

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If you don’t like reading, you might want to hear? Many e-books are also available as audiobooks and podcasts. You can download it via a Wi-Fi connection. These can be played via the MP3 player of a smartphone, possibly parent-tolerable via headphones. Most smartphones can also be connected directly to the car radio via an audio cable connection or Bluetooth. Then, you can rock the street despite lousy radio stations or forgotten CDs at home.

There are probably thousands of more or less good apps with learning and games for young and old. Aside from your sandbox game, you can download travel games for your children to enjoy.  After all, a smartphone offers heavenly relaxation when it is used together with a second device as a baby monitor.

So before traveling, it is a good idea to check your smartphone and download games or e-books. This way, you combine leisure and travel.