The Influence of Instagram in Shaping People’s Travel Plans

The Influence of Instagram in Shaping People’s Travel Plans

InstagramSocial media marketers Famoid (, believe Instagram can influence decisions of users when it comes to travelling. Survey results show that 97% of millenial travel bugs post photos of their vacation on Instagram, which has more than one billion active users. That being the case, the survey also revealed that about 48% of people planning to travel refer to Instagram for their choice of destination. The same survey said that about 35% of those who are still thinking of travelling, use Instagram as their resource and source of inspiration for learning about potential places to visit.

Instagram takes pride in having an engagement rate of 2.3% for every account follower. Facebook trails behind for having an engagement rate of only 0.2% per follower.

Tips for Optimising the Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Travel agents admit Instagram has become one of the most influential social media platforms, especially when it comes to travelling. The platform can undoubtedly shape travel plans since posts are mainly focused on images and video clips of IG users visiting fascinating places or having the most memorable times of their lives. Such images can easily influence travel decisions.

Instagram is More than Just a Platform for Sharing Images

Travelling taking photosInstagram is more than just a platform for sharing visuals of products and services. There must be creative stories and content that can draw the interest of the so-called target audience. It’s important to clearly identify the kind of audience who will take interest in what a business is promoting.

There is also a need to know the demographics of the IG users, because the posts will have to find a match in terms of viewers. The fundamental requirements of every IG post are set for highly successful storytelling. The requirements all work toward achieving the goal of making it easier for IG users to look for relevant content.

Moreover, the default feed ranking system notifies IG users of new content based on their expressed likes and dislikes.

Instagram also has the Explorer page, which releases feed posts based on niche, category or theme. Let us say an IG Business profile indicates Travel as its line of service, the Explorer Feed Ranking System will evaluate the posts and the activities of the Business account. Artificial Intelligence, through the workings of the platform’s algorithm, determines which new posts rank high or should appear at the top of the feed posts for Travel.