How To Keep Your Plant Alive When You are On Trip

How To Keep Your Plant Alive When You are On Trip


If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably noticed that occasionally your lush, new pot plants have turned into a dry desert while you were away. However, you no longer have to feel guilty about your plant life. By following these easy steps and buying a self-watering pot – check out some self watering pots here, you may save your plants from becoming extinct on the windowsill and preserve their freshness until you return home.

1. Take your plants outside of the sun. Plant them closely together to conserve moisture and create shade.

2. To help your plants retain moisture, water them and cover the surrounding soil with damp newspaper.

3. You may also place moist newspaper or a wet oasis in the bottom of flowerpots if your plants are housed there. When the plant needs water, it may then absorb it.

4. Have you still not had a chance to recycle your bottles? Fantastic! Plastic, beer, and wine bottles all work well as self-irrigation systems. Fill the bottle with water, place it upside-down in the dirt next to the plant, and water the plant thoroughly until the soil is wet. When the soil starts to dry out, the water in the bottle will be drawn out and your plant will be automatically watered.

5. A thick length of cable and a bottle of water may be used to create another simple do-it-yourself watering system. You may wind twine, knitting thread, or cotton shoelace together for this. Insert one end of the cable deeply into the bottle and the other end a short distance into the earth beside the plant, around a few millimeters. Place the bottle so that it is somewhat higher than the plant on top of a book or block.

6. Harvest and distribute the buds, flowers, and ripe fruits from the plants. The plant won’t waste water and energy attempting to keep them then. Besides, by the time you come home, they will already be past their prime.

7. Cacti and succulents can go for extended periods of time without water, but they still require shade from the sun to prevent drying up and burning.

8. Will you be gone for more than two weeks? Next, locate a plant sitter who can water all of your plant companions on your behalf.