How Do Travelers Use Social Media, and How Do They Feel About It?

How Do Travelers Use Social Media, and How Do They Feel About It?

Travelers use Social Media

Many travelers turn to social sites when planning a vacation, searching for a destination, looking for deals and advice, or getting feedback from other travelers about what to do in the area and what it was like.

The various Social Media sites are often important for sharing photos and stories after the trip. But because these types of sites are becoming increasingly important, also for the traveler’s life in general, they increasingly take Social Media with them on vacation.

72.7% of American social network users visit the site at least daily during a trip. Young adults aged between 25 and 34 years of social sites checked most often. Nearly a third who log on several times an hour.

And surprisingly, it was precisely the men who return to a social network more often, just as men are also more likely to admit that they “can not live without it” if they have not been able to access it for a few days. Almost 60% of the participants agreed that social media makes it a lot easier to travel and also interact with people.

Travelers feel the pressure of social media

From getting travel inspiration from your favorite influencers to considering an online travel career, Booking company research shows how social media continues to change the way of travelling.

While it is enough for one to post a beach selfie on social media or make their friends jealous with pictures of delicious food, others dream of traveling the world as a social media influencer. The Research from Booking company shows that a quarter of the travelers surveyed have the ambition to use travel as a springboard for a social media career. 28% of respondents see travel as an opportunity to earn a living as an influencer or travel blogger, rather than a regular full-time job

In a world where social media is always within reach, travel is very different for even the less active social media user today than it was before travel became so accessible. Those who go on a voyage of discovery now no longer need to bring manuals and huge paper maps with them. Instead, you have direct access to real-time information and find inspiration from real people on social media. The survey found that nearly one in five travelers (17%) looks where celebrity stays, and then looks for accommodation that resembles it. Nearly one in ten (9%) even tries their best to imitate a pose by their favorite celebrity or Instagrammer.

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Travel channels on social media that post practical, actionable content will become more popular this year than unreachable or fake photos. While travelers like to view posts that feel authentic, the Booking company research shows that many are falling prey to the pressure of social media. 12% have shared an old, nicer photo of themselves on a different holiday than the one they were experiencing at that time. 11% have taken a photo of an accommodation and pretended to be staying there, when they were actually somewhere else. 7% have acted as if they were still on vacation, while they were already home.

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