7 Things You Need To Prepare When Hosting Your Home For Tourists

7 Things You Need To Prepare When Hosting Your Home For Tourists

Transient Home for Rent


The first impression is important. The basis of a good rental-ready house for travelers is cleanliness, space, and tranquility. Therefore, clean the house well and tidy up. Especially the bathroom and the kitchen are important here. Do not put too much stuff on the counter and only put a few towels in the shower. By presenting the rooms as relatively empty, space is created. It is also important to have minor repairs like appliance repair North Vancouver carried out. A loose door handle or a dripping faucet gives an unkempt impression, making the house seem poorly maintained.

The bathroom and kitchen

If the bathroom and kitchen are not well maintained, this can give the impression that this also applies to the rest of the house. Clean well, remove rust spots, check drains, hang a fresh shower curtain and replace weathered sealant edges.

Upholstery (floors, lighting and curtains)

  • In various countries where potential guest  come from, floor coverings are perceived as unhygienic. They prefer smooth floors such as laminate or tiles.
  • Mount (simple) ceiling lights or spotlights at all light points.
  • As far as curtains or slats are concerned, there is no specific preference. If you choose curtains, then in the sleeping quarters only curtains are not sufficient. Guests must be able to completely blind the bedrooms.


Furnish your home as a luxury ‘holiday home’, including towels, bed linen, appliances and a full kitchen.

  • Check that all the necessary inventory is present according to the inventory list.
  • Expats have a preference for a gas hob and a large fridge with a large freezer compartment. You can take this into account when purchasing.
  • Remove bicycles, car and other materials from the storage room or garage. Any garden tools present must remain standing.
  • Remove unnecessary electrical equipment, such as a second TV and a computer. If these break down during their stay, the guest could demand a repair or replacement product.


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  • Take a maintenance contract for the central heating boiler and have a service carried out once a year.
  • If there is a fireplace, it must also be swept once a year. This is often a requirement of your home insurance.
  • For very large plots, it is advisable to have the major maintenance of the garden taken care of by a gardener. The small maintenance of the garden is for the account of the guest.

Energy, TV, telephone, internet

If the house offers fully furnished, you can leave the energy in your account. However, you have to add the average daily utilities expenses such as electricity, water, internet, and phone bills to the per day rate to have it covered.

Home folder

Create a home folder with a cover page, and all the instructions for use of the equipment present in the house:

  • Draining the outside tap;
  • Refilling the central heating boiler and the telephone number of the central heating installer;
  • Treat the treatment of the floor, and where the guest can buy the cleaning agents;
  • The maintenance of other special materials in the house;
  • For apartments: the most important points from the internal regulations of the VVE.


You would like to get four sets of keys to the house. Store these keys securely via an encrypted label in a key safe in your house or office. When hosting, three keys are handed over to the guest, a spare key remains with you.