Travelling: Relaxed on a long drive by car

Travelling: Relaxed on a long drive by car


With the right itinerary and reasonable travel time, your vacation begins as soon as you leave. With the regular breaks, you can relax, travel,  and reach your destination even after a long drive.


Make a plan and avoid traffic jams along the way

Plan your route early and look for possible traffic jams, commuting traffic, construction sites, etc. during the holiday season. For example, a car club or an online portal for current traffic conditions. If you prefer a scenic side road to the main communicating artery, a small detour to the sights is also possible.


Best time to travel: Early morning and early in the week

Most streets are still empty. If you can start around 3 or 4 in the morning after a deep sleep stage, you may already be at your vacation destination by noon. And there is almost no traffic jam.

Road fatigue often leads to accidents, so it is usually not advisable to have lightning after a hard day of work. It’s easiest to drive with your kids, as long as you don’t disturb their normal rhythm. Overnight trips are often suitable for this. Also if you are using your most liked car, you also need to find luxury car dealerships near me for a safe car and safe travel.

Most vacationers depart on Friday or Saturday and get caught in traffic. But at the beginning of the week, the autobahn is at least busy. In the meantime, booking a hotel room or other accommodation on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday is no longer a big deal. The first day of vacation to arrive is as disadvantageous as the last day of departure.


Eating and drinking while driving

Eating the right food is important for maintaining good health and concentration while driving. Make sure you have enough soft drinks such as mineral water, juice spritzer, and fruit tea. Avoid heavy, high-fat diets. French fries, sausages, and pea soups can strain the digestive tract and cause fatigue and bloating. Enjoy fresh fruit and crispy salads, light carb-rich snacks, with each break. Many children are appetizing while driving, so it’s a good idea to cut your snacks, such as vegetables and fruits, to make them easier to handle.